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Bringing cafes, stores and community members together. Find places to eat, shop, things to do, and many other services, all in one place! No matter where you are in the world, you can search and discover everything vegan near you! Our easy to use search system has extensive filtered selections, numerous categories and advanced location settings to allow you to find and locate exactly what you are looking for! Use the categories below to get started!

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Plant Based Me is the simplest and most efficient way to discover vegan and wellness stores and activities near you. From vegan cafes and restaurants to ethical clothing stores and holistic lifestyle events. At Plant Based Me, we pride ourselves on being the most advanced vegan wellness hub, here are some of the trending stores and activities...

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The How To Travel Vegan Podcast with Tom Simak

How to Travel Vegan is your go-to podcast for all things vegan, food and travel related.    
Yoga is vegan

Yoga is Vegan Podcast with Holly Skodis

Yoga Is Vegan is a podcast dedicated to featuring vegan yogis from around the world with the aim to raise

Feeling Organised: 7 Organisation Tips To Improve Your Life

Are you organised?       You know that feeling when you’ve just got everything together; you’ve scheduled your
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